Clean has never been so gentle

The gentle effect of this sonic toothbrush nevertheless delivers in-depth hydrodynamic cleaning precisely where it matters most: along the gum line, in hidden niches and between the teeth. 


R 2,400

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Oral health. Simple. Effective. Reliable.

Get your hands on an efficient Hydrosonic Easy toothbrush – it’s even put on its gold Christmas jumper. Its superpower: it reliably removes all traces of any pre-Christmas treats (but only from your teeth)! 

And the best bit: order this superpowered toothbrush by 22 December, and we’ll throw in a dreamy blackberry [BE YOU.] toothpaste for free, worth CHF 17.90. 

Brushing your teeth the easy way. The Hydrosonic Easy improves and maintains your oral health. Happy teeth. Happy gums. No fuss.

Pure performance: the Hydrosonic Easy improves your oral health using the most advanced technology and with total thoroughness. This sonic toothbrush with hydrodynamics cleans with up to 42,000 brush strokes per minute – simple, effective, and reliable:

  • Single-button operation, easy and intuitive
  • Three modes: ‘start’, ‘clean’ and ‘smile’, 22,000, 32,000 and 42,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Powerful battery that lasts for approx. two weeks when brushing your teeth for four minutes a day
  • Cleans right into the interdental space thanks to hydrodynamics
  • As powerful when the battery is low as when fully charged
  • Charger with USB cable and travel case


Compatible with all Curaprox brush heads, delivered with:

  • CHS 200 sensitive brush head – ideal for those new to sonic toothbrushes, particularly soft and gentle, yet with extremely high cleaning performance.
  • CHS 300 power brush head – maximum performance for sonic toothbrush pros. This power head cleans to perfection, but is still very soft and gentle.

Curaprox brush heads are equipped with CUREN® instead of nylon brushes: CUREN® bristles offer consistent performance and are especially gentle. 

The Hydrosonic Easy is also useful for braces, implants and dentures.

Travel box containing:

  • 1 CURAPROX Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush CHS 100
  • 1 CHS 200 sensitive brush head
  • 1 CHS 300 power brush head
  • 1 CPS 07 prime (red) interdental brush, fitted to holder
  • 1 CPS 09 prime (yellow) interdental brush
  • 1 CPS 011 prime (lime green) interdental brush
  • 1 travel tube of CURAPROX enzycal toothpaste (15 ml)


  • 1 charging unit
  • Instructions for use and warranty card